#Hashtastic 1.8 – Fresh Look. New Stuff.



Lumia 920 Red - DarkTweeting multiple people and managing your favorite hashtags is easier with #Hashtastic! This little app does all the heavy lifting for you, aggregating all the people that have mentioned you* into a single list of contacts, making it easy for you to show some love to your favorite Twitter pals. All you have to do is select the hashtags you want to use, tap on all their names and hit the Tweet button.

You can even import your Twitter lists and choose people from those too, making it even easier to show all your Tweeps some love!

New in Version 1.8

  • Enjoy a fantastic UX refresh, thanks to DVLUP & Toledo2, including a new app tile icon
  • Show off your phone with 54 new Avatar Gallery templates, including HTC and Samsung models
  • Manage your Twitter Lists (create/delete, add/remove members)
  • Create your own custom hashtag+phrases
  • Go wide with Windows Phone 8/7.8 wide tile support
  • Catch up easily with pull-to-refresh support for the people list

Additional Improvements

  • Quickly access account options (Avatar Gallery, Twitter Lists) just by tapping the account name in the upper-right corner of the app
  • Manage hashtag+phrases in app settings
  • Experience better German Language support and application stability

Free Trial Conditions

The app is fully functional for 6 uses. At 4 uses, you’ll be reminded you’re using a trial version. When the trial expires, the premium features listed below are disabled. Otherwise, the app’s core function is fully usable even after the trial expires. Purchasing the app enables all premium features.

Premium Features

  • Custom Hashtags+Phrases
  • Twitter List Management
  • Avatar Gallery
  • Multiple Accounts

Have a feature you’d like to see? #Hashtastic is on User Voice.

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* Currently the Twitter API only allows retrieval of your last 800 mentions

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