Gun Frenzy – WP8 Shooter Updated with New Levels & also hits Android

September 24, 2014

Gun Frenzy, the popular WP8 shooter, received a major content update this week that adds the first of 5 Bonus Levels. Increasing the total number of levels to 33, these bonus levels add 10 new enemies and powerful new boss battle. You can see the new Bonus Level screen below.

Gun Frenzy 2014-09-19 16-48-47-23

The enemies included in these new levels are ghouls, zombies, giant spiders and huge mushroom monsters.  There is also a fearsome new boss that is a huge manticore that flys above the action and spits fireballs at the player.

Gun Frenzy 2014-09-19 16-48-32-23

New Platforms:

After more than 3 months of exclusivity on the Windows Phone platform, we’ve decided to start porting to other platforms. The first is Android, which will be followed shortly by Amazon. The Android version has all the same action and content as the Windows Phone version. Links to both are provided below:

Windows Phone:

Download Link:


Android / Google Play:

Google Play Link


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