Groups in Outlook now available EVERYWHERE

Today is a big day for Groups in Outlook. That’s because it’s now available on all major platforms — including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the web. Groups in Outlook is actually quite different from Outlook Groups even though they’re technically the same thing. Outlook Groups is, of course, a standalone app for the service but Groups in Outlook essentially integrate Groups into the core Outlook app.

Groups in Outlook were available in Windows for a little while now, but the latest expansion brings it to Outlook on your smartphone (as long as you have an Android or iOS smartphone), and the Mac. As you may have already guessed, Groups in Outlook isn’t anything mind-blowing, but it’s a pretty neat way of keeping up with all of your groups in Office 365 right from the core Outlook app — without needing to install the standalone Outlook Groups app.

The Groups integration in Outlook lets you reply directly to conversations from a certain group, get the latest notifications from a group, or add Group events to your calendar. It isn’t as advanced as the standalone Outlook Groups app but it includes the important features which should help you stay up to date with the latest things from your groups on Outlook.

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