A great demo of Continuum for Phones on the HP Elite X3

Windows 10 Mobile is slowly forging itself a future in the enterprise as the device of choice for the deskless worker (e.g. police officer, floor salesman etc) on the strength of its Continuum for Phones feature, which offers 3 important selling points for companies.

The first is the promise of developing and updating only one UWP app for the phone and desktop, using existing Microsoft expertise. The second is using existing Microsoft client management tools to manage these devices, and the third is exploiting the existing familiarity of end users with Windows 10 to reduce training needs.

Windows Phone fans have however been somewhat frustrated that Microsoft has not been iterating that fast on the development of the important desktop environment in Windows 10 Mobile, and there are now also rumours that with Windows 10 on ARM and with CSHELL on future versions of Windows 10 Microsoft may be planning to start over once again with this feature.

It is therefore useful to remind ourselves that despite seemingly neglecting the feature Continuum for Phones is already pretty good and already offers some very useful and significant productivity features.

YouTube channel PB Tech have uploaded a video titled “Continuum in 2017”, and while we may argue there have not been many changes over the last 3 months in this feature, they remind us that there are now more UWP apps than ever, and with the large installed base of Windows 10 Anniversary Update we could in theory walk up to nearly any PC and take it over with our powerful Windows 10 smartphone.

Do our readers agree we are sometimes overcritical of what is actually a rather amazing feature which is still to be replicated by other platforms? Let us know below.

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