Google’s Chromecast dongles have been a very successful platform, and it seems Google is planning to piggyback on this success to boost both Android TV and Google Stadia.

AndroidPolice reports that, according to their sources, instead of being a dumb receiver for your smartphone, Google’s next Chromecast Dongle will in fact be powered by Android TV.

This means the dongle will include features such as Google Assistant, Apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and Hulu, Live TV and more, and then have the ability to receive Chromecast Streams.

They also report that the dongle will support Google Stadia.

The next of course explains why the next Chromecast will come with a remote control, as the UI for the platform is much more complex than the control-less Chromecast experience.

AndroidPolice speculates that the original release may be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but given that we are all stuck at home there may never be a better time to release a streaming TV dongle.

Via Pocketnow