Google’s new Chromebook ad mocks both Windows and macOS

Google really wants you to buy its own Chromebooks, and its new ads are hammering that fact home.

In a style reminiscent of “I’m a PC, and I’m a Mac” ads of old, Google takes on both Apple and Microsoft in a battle of desktop operating systems. “You wouldn’t want those icky, buggy old things,” Google seems to be saying. The firm hopes you’ll buy its shiny new Chromebooks, equipped with all the latest modern apps that you use on your phone and powerful desktop web apps as well as Linux applications for developers and those who need more something heavier.

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Now, it’s hard to deny Google has a point. While ChromeOS has a definite advantage over Windows 10 when it comes to things like ease of use and security, the app gap between the two platforms has narrowed considerably with users being able to get along with Chrome OS and Android apps barring some niche use cases. Even Apple finds some sense in their approach, bringing iOS apps to macOS in Mojave this year. Microsoft still has UWP, but that appears more vestigial than anything as the Store shifts focus to desktop apps and media.

Should Microsoft respond to this ad, lest their silence be interpreted as acquiescence, or should they just keep plugging along to build the best Windows they can? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.