Google working on transferring SMS One Time Passwords from your phone to your PC



It is a very common experience to have to verify your identity on the desktop web by having to enter a passcode sent via SMS to your smartphone.  Often this involved having to dig up your phone and accurately copy over the code.

With Chrome 93, Google is working on the ability for your desktop browser to automatically read the code sent to your Android phone.

Chrome 93 supports the WebOTP (Web One Time Password) interface, so if websites also use the technology, your web browser will automatically detect that your phone has received the code.

For this of course you need an Android phone, and both your handset and desktop browser must be signed into the same Google account.

You can try out the feature now with Chrome 93 beta at this demo page here.

Unfortunately, the feature is dependent on the Chromium web engine and is currently unsupported on iOS.

via Winfuture

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