Google targeted by US senators over Huawei’s cancelled speaker


7, 2019

It was earlier reported this year that Google and Huawei had done some really advanced work on a smart speaker, with the firm almost about to launch it before Huawei was placed on the trade entities list.

Now, some US Republican senators want to know why. In a letter addressed to Google CEO Sunda Pichai, Senators Hawley, Cotton and Rubio challenged the firm over its working relationship with Huawei.

What due diligence did Google perform before agreeing to help Huawei put a listening device into millions of American living rooms? As we have discovered, Huawei poses serious concerns about national security.” Hawley said, “To what extent did you consider the national
security implications of helping Huawei? And why did your partnership continue for months after the federal government unsealed an indictment that, in the words of the Washington Post, showed that Huawei “is determined to succeed by using theft and duplicity”?”

The letter goes on to propose a list of questions, asking why Google partnered with Huawei to begin with, whether it took steps to eliminate national security concerns and whether it plans to get back in business with the company once the trade blacklist is lifted.

An answer is expected by August 30.

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