Google said to be launching its own smart display this year


17, 2018

Google is on the cusp of launching a new Assistant powered Smart display. The firm is planning to compete with Amazon’s own smart display products this holiday season.

While Google had previously shipped smart speakers like the Google Home Max and the Google Home Mini, though those do not ship with screens like competitors like the Amazon Echo Show.

“Google targets to ship some 3 million units for the first batch of the new model of smart speaker that comes with a screen,” an industry source said told Nikkei this week “It’s an aggressive plan.”

The firm has already partnered with Lenovo to launch a smart display as well as Sony and LG. With this product, Google will be making an entry into the market just like it did with the Pixel phone and Pixel book for Android phones and Chromebooks.

Source: Nikkei via Engadget.

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