Google unveils Pixel Watch 2 with significantly better performance and battery life

October 4, 2023
Google Pixel Watch 2

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Google has just announced the launch of its latest smartwatch, the Pixel Watch 2. This new device, set to be available in 30 countries starting October 12, promises a fresh design, enhanced performance, and innovative health and safety features.

Design and Performance

The Pixel Watch 2 sports a circular shape, a larger crown, and a lightweight body crafted from recycled aluminum. It’s powered by a quad-core CPU that extends its battery life to an impressive 24 hours with an always-on display. Plus, it boasts a rapid charging rate that can power the device up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Health Features

The Pixel Watch 2 is equipped with three new sensors that monitor heart rate, skin temperature, and electrodermal activity. These sensors can provide insights into stress levels, helping users manage their wellbeing more effectively. The watch also incorporates Fitbit’s Body Response feature, which sends notifications and suggestions to users based on their stress levels.

Safety Features

In terms of safety features, the Pixel Watch 2 introduces Medical ID, Emergency Sharing, and Safety Check. These features can provide crucial assistance during emergencies by alerting emergency contacts or sharing medical information with emergency responders.

Wear OS 4 Capabilities

The Pixel Watch 2 stands out as the only smartwatch fully compatible with all of Wear OS 4’s capabilities. This includes smarter notifications, improved accessibility and customization, and easier pairing and backup. The watch also comes with new and improved apps like Gmail, Calendar, YouTube Music, and Google Maps.

Syncing and Premium Access

Users can sync their Pixel Watch 2 with the Fitbit app on their phone for a comprehensive view of their health and wellness data. Additionally, they get access to six months of Fitbit Premium, offering exclusive tools and content.

Compatibility and Google Assistant

The Pixel Watch 2 pairs seamlessly with other Pixel devices like headphones and phones. It also integrates Google Assistant for voice-activated queries and commands.

Pricing and Customization

The Pixel Watch 2 is available in two versions: Bluetooth/Wi-Fi for $349 and 4G LTE for $3999. Users can personalize their watch with various watch faces and bands to match their style.

With its advanced features and capabilities, the Pixel Watch 2 is set to redefine the smartwatch experience.

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