Google Meet (aka Hangouts) upgraded from 4 to 16 participants in Tiled View, adds more new features

by Surur
April 23, 2020
google meet

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Google has overtaken Microsoft Teams by upgrading its Tiled View from 4 to 16 participants (Teams only supports 9), but both companies are still far behind the very popular and oh so insecure Zoom video conferencing app.

The update brings the improved Tiled View, and also much more.

Read the full changelog below:

  • Tiled layout for larger calls: The expanded tiled layout now lets web users simultaneously see up to 16 participants at once (previously, tiled layouts only enabled you to see four people at a time).  Google promises even more updates are coming for larger meetings, better presentation layouts, and support across more devices.
  • Present higher-quality video content with audio: Users now have the option to present a Chrome tab (instead of just presenting their window or entire screen). If you need to share high-quality video with audio content in meetings, select this option for the best experience for remote viewers. The “present a Chrome tab” feature is rolling out to general availability as of today.
  • Low-light mode: Meet can now use AI to automatically adjust your video to make you more visible to other participants in sub-optimal lighting conditions. This feature is currently rolling out to mobile users, and will be available to web users in the future.
  • Noise cancellation: To help limit interruptions to your meeting, Meet can now intelligently filter out background distractions—like your dog barking or keystrokes as you take meeting notes. Noise cancellation will begin rolling out in the coming weeks to G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers starting with web users and later to mobile users.

Google touts is privacy and data protection advantage, which of course would normally be laughable, but shines next to Zoom.

Google says Meet uses the same protections that Google uses to secure user data and safeguard privacy. Meet’s anti-abuse features are turned on by default, video meetings are encrypted in transit by default and their compliance certifications can help support regulatory requirements. Google is also adding new moderator controls to help educators more effectively manage their meetings and protect their students.

Google has extended advanced Meet features to all G Suite customers and is ramped up engineering support for Meet to ensure scalability, stability and responsiveness to consumer needs.

The new features will gradually roll out to customers globally, beginning today.

via BGR

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