Google massively undercuts Microsoft’s OneDrive with new Google One storage pricing

by Surur
May 14, 2018

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Way back in the early 2000’s Hotmail was the king of webmail, until Gmail came along, offering a massive and seemingly unlimited 1 GB of storage for free, compared to Microsoft’s stingy 2 MB limit. Gmail rapidly took over as the service of choice for the cool people, and eventually everyone else.

Today it appears Google is set to do it again, undercutting Microsoft with a much cheaper storage offer or double the storage for the same price, with its new Google One service.

Google is halving the price of 2 TB of storage to $9.99 per month, and introducing a new $2.99 tier which offers a generous 200 GB of storage, finally giving users a reason to upload uncompressed images to Google Drive.

Google is also letting users share their plan with up to 5 family members, and throwing in live support from real humans, via email, chat or phone. For a company well known for being difficult to reach that by itself may be worth the $1.99 per month price of entry.

Microsoft offers 5 GB free, 50 GB for $1.99 and 1 TB for $9.99 (which includes Office 365). Office 365 is, of course, the major positive feature for the 1 TB OneDrive plan, and one which Google will find difficult to match.

Google One will however also offer other benefits, such as discounts on hotels you find in Google Search, preferred rates for other Google services, or credits on Google Play.

“We hope to build those out over time,” Google One’s director Larissa Fontaine noted.

The upgrade is set to roll out to users over the next few months, starting in USA.


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