Google makes it easier to make payments in Chrome browser

July 3, 2019

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Google is making it easier to make payments in Chrome web browser. Instead of typing card details every time you want to make an online transaction, Google will soon allow you to fill up the card details that are already available in your Google Account. This feature will work even when you have Chrome sync feature disabled.

. You’ll also be able to use the payment info you’ve saved in your Google Account across your devices in Chrome where you’re signed in, and wherever Google Pay is accepted.

Here’s how this feature will work:

  • When you are in a payments page, if you’re signed-in, Chrome will offer you the option of using a card from your Google Account,
  • Chrome will then ask you to confirm the card’s CVC.
  • Card details will be filled and you can continue with your payment process.

To remove or edit card details, you need to visit Google Account > Payments & subscriptions > Payment methods.

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