Google is working on improving the Android’s share menu



Sharing menu is one of the few things that hasn’t seen a bump in a while but it is understandable considering the priority being on other aspects of Android. However, Google is now working on improving the performance of Android’s share menu.

It’s not like Android’s share menu is slow or bad but it’s just not as snappy as it should be and is annoying especially when you use it on a new device and it takes longer to load than other elements of Android. On top of that, Google also added a direct share menu which pops-up late and moves the share menu causing unintended taps on other apps. However, all that is going to be over soon as Google’s VP of Engineering for the Android, Dave Burke confirmed on Twitter that they are working on a new sharing menu.

It’s good to know that Google also considers the existing Android Sharing Menu inadequate and is working on fixing it soon. We hope that we will be able to see the changes soon but according to XDA developers, it’s going to take some time.

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