Google Chrome has a neat feature where you can send a page you are currently viewing to other devices where you are signed in on.

The link will show up as a notification, which you can then open in your browser on the second device.

send to your device

Google is however unhappy that the feature relies on you having notifications enabled and are working on replacing those notifications with a badge that will show up next to your profile icon in Chrome.

On the Chromium Gerrit they note:

Add flag for STTS  2.0 (Send Tab to Self 2) Add flag for STTS 2.0 on all platforms. This will initially be implemented for Desktop, then for Android.

That flag and its description explain the feature in a bit more detail:

The flag is not working currently but the feature will presumably show up in the Canary version of the browser in the near future.

It is somewhat a pity to see this feature become a bit more proprietary.  What do our readers think? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Leo Varela