Google is making Chrome’s Omnibox richer and more colourful

Google is doing some work on its Omnibox for future builds of Chrome.

Eagle-eyed Chrome watchers have spotted two big visual changes being tested in Chrome 69 builds (for reference, the current version of Chrome publicly used is Chrome 67.)

The firm is making two changes to the Omnibox. For one, should you be searching for a website you’ve already been to, Chrome will now offer you the site icon instead of a generic icon, making it easier and faster to parse the list.

So if you’ve been on YouTube and you search for “Egg recipe,” Google will show you your youtube history for any site matching that with the YouTube logo on it.

The second change makes Chrome a little more like Edge., searching for something in the Omnibox displays a quick info box with brief details, something Edge has offered since its inception.

We can expect to see these changes trickle down to regular users injusr under 3 months as per Chrome’s release cycle, should Google decide on adopting them.

Source: ChromeStory