Google Chrome for Android has the useful capability of letting web pages automatically reading your SMS messages when two-factor authentication codes have been sent, saving you the massive hassle of having to open your SMS messages, memorising the number and then entering them on the requesting website.

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This is due to the Web OTP (One Time Password) API, and today we learn Google is working on a way for this feature to work across devices, so you could automatically authenticate on your desktop with an SMS message received on your phone. has noticed a new flag in the latest version of Google Chrome Canary, the SMS Receiver Cross Device, with the description:

“Enable the SMS Reciever API to work across devices – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android”

We assume the feature will sync the SMS code over your Google Account, but at this point it is not clear, as the feature is not working yet.

What do our readers think of this feature, which weaves the desktop and phone even closer together? Let us know below.