Android smartphones may be getting a new focus on mobile gaming as Google begins work on a Game Device Certification program.

Revealed through an exclusive piece on XDA Developers, Google is working on a service to make sure that upcoming Android projects will be powerful enough for AAA titles.

With everything from Fortnite to Call of Duty, proving to be successful on mobile platforms, Google is beginning to focus more on providing a decent gaming experience. With low-budget devices failing to provide players with adequate gaming, Google is set to change that.

According to XDA, Google will be creating requirements for OEMs working on Android. According to sources close to the site, devices that fail to meet these requirements will not be able to install Google Mobile Services.

XDA claims that Google has a document that details a device’s requirements to install GMS. Apparently, Section 13.14 of the document states that upcoming devices must be optimised enough to circumvent issues that developers may face during development. This includes thermal throttling, lost CPU cores and “other odd system behaviours”.  More details are included in the image below.

Google’s new requirements for their Game Device Certification program.

Despite gaming smartphones becoming popular with Android users, including the ASUS ROG phone and Razer Phone, no phone currently on the market has received certification.