Google Chrome will soon let you search for tabs that you’ve opened

by Rahul
August 4, 2020
Google Chrome

Google Chrome is currently the number one internet browser in terms of usage share, and it’s also going to be the favorite browser to a lot of users for a very long time as Google keeps adding useful new features to its browser. There are a number of useful new features that the company is currently working on — the ability to search for tabs that you’ve opened is one of the useful features that are coming to Google Chrome.

According to a new commit, Google is close to releasing a new feature called Tab Search. As the name suggests, the feature will let you search for tabs that you’ve already opened in Google Chrome. It’ll be available behind a flag called #Enable-Tab-Search, so in order to enable the feature, you’ll have to enable the flag by visiting chrome://flags. Unfortunately, we don’t have a visual representation of how the feature works.

Chrome OS is expected to be the first platform to get the feature, with Windows, Linux, macOS getting the feature at a later date. Unfortunately, though, we don’t know as to when the feature will be available. Nevertheless, once the flag becomes available, you’ll be able to get a taste of the feature in Chrome Canary.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to enable the Tab Search feature in Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome Canary
  2. visit chrome://flags
  3. Search for “Enable Tab Search”
  4. Click on the drop-down menu to select the Enabled option
  5. Restart Chrome

How many of you think the feature will be useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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