Google Chrome gets new features to save your laptop’s battery life

February 21, 2023

Google has been testing two important features for Chrome web browsers for a long to save laptops’ battery life. The search giant has finally started to roll out those functionalities with the release of Chrome 110 Stable. Memory saver and Energy saver are the two noteworthy features in the latest Stable release everybody is talking about, as they will impact laptops’ battery life.

Memory saver literally saves memory, and hence the name. When enabled, it frees up memory by putting tabs you are not using actively to sleep. Inactive tabs will continue to remain dormant until you click on them again. However, if you want to include some sites as an exception to this rule, you can do so. This essentially provides Chrome with sites that it should never put to sleep, no matter how long they have been inactive.

When you keep tons of tabs open on Chrome, it takes lots of system resources, which, in turn, decrease your computer’s ability to function efficiently, and impacts battery life. By putting inactive tabs to sleep, Chrome will not only help your laptop work more efficiently but also save battery life.

The Energy saver feature will also save battery life when your laptop is low on battery. When enabled, it will limit animations and videos on the web page you are currently viewing on Chrome if laptop’s battery hits 20 percentage mark. This will help you work on your laptop for a more extended period on your laptop.

Memory saver and Energy saver are enabled by default on Chrome 110. If you want to change that for some reason, you can go to the Performance tab of Chrome settings. If you are not seeing them even after updating to Chrome 110, you can use Enable the following flags:



If you are updated to Chrome 110, are you seeing the Memory saver and Energy saver settings? Let us know in the comments section.

via Android Police

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