Google Chrome extends support for Windows 7 once again

by Surur
November 17, 2021

Google was originally set to end support for Windows 7 on the 15ht July 2021, but due to the pandemic extended this to 15th January 2021.

Now the company has decided to add another year to that deadline, with support for Chrome on Windows 7 set to end no earlier than the 15th January 2023.

This coincides neatly with Microsoft’s own deadline of January 2023, when the OS will go out of extended support by Microsoft itself. The Home edition of course exited support all the way back on the 14th January 2020.

Edge on Windows 7 will also exit support on the 15th January 2023, while Internet Explorer with stop being supported on the 15th June 2022.

It is not clear at present what level if support Google will provide for Chrome on Windows 7, but it may only include bug and security fixes, rather than delivering new features.

via gHacks

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