Google brings Linux apps to 18 more Chromebooks


28, 2018

Microsoft isn’t the only one who loves Linux, Google is bringing in some Linux love as well with Chrome OS, Google introduced Linux apps to Chrome OS this year at Google I/O and now the firm has expanded support for more devices in its developer channel (The equivalent of the Windows Insider fast ring).

The firm now supports Apollo Lake-based Chromebooks from Acer, Asus, Lenovo and Dell including the Acer Chromebook 15, Asus Chromebook Flip 2313SA and Dell Chromebook 11 5190.

Google had only initially supported select Chromebooks like its own homegrown Pixelbook and Samsung Chromebook Plus, but this is the first sign that the firm will be bringing Linux apps to other devices at a faster clip than its Google Play rollout.

G0ogle has worked to evolve ChromeOS away from its web first beginnings. First, the firm introduced Android apps last year, and now with Linux apps, we might be seeing a different form of computing from Google. Who knows.

Source: The Verge.

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