Google announces new Android Auto features

November 29, 2018

Google today announced new Android features to make your driving experience better. First, Google is making it easier to find and play media while your are on the wheel. You now have an improved layout, featuring large album art views, allowing you to quickly identify and select something to play. Google has also made improvements to the voice search experience. You can now say “OK Google, play 80s music” or “OK Google, play Lilt”.

Second, Google is improving the messaging experience. When you get messages, Android Auto will now show you a short preview of the text when your vehicle is stopped. This message previewing capability is optional and you can enable it via Android Auto’s settings menu.

Third, Android Auto now supports apps that use MMS and RCS. So, apps can now add support for group messaging.

These new features will work with popular media (like Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, and Spotify) and messaging apps (Messages, Hangouts and WhatsApp).

Source: Google

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