Google announce Phone Hub for Chrome OS

by Surur
March 9, 2021
google phone hub

With ChromeOS’s 10th birthday Google announced a number of new features, including Phone Hub, designed to make Android phones work better with ChromeOS.

Phone Hub presents a built-in control centre that brings key capabilities from your Android phone to your Chromebook.

google phone hub

The feature lets you read and respond to text messages, check your phone’s battery life and cellular signal, turn on its hotspot and even locate it, all from your Chromebook. Phone Hub also shows the Chrome browser tabs you last opened on your Android phone, so you can pick up right where you left off.

ChromeOS now also syncs WIFI networks from your phone, meaning your Chromebook can now get online wherever your phone can connect.

Google is also planning to offer Nearby Share between ChromeOS and Android devices, allowing you to instantly and securely share files between devices.

Phone Hub vs Your Phone

your phone header 3

The comparison with Microsoft’s Your Phone app is of course obvious, and while Your Phone is actually a lot more feature-rich, I think there are some good ideas here which Microsoft could steal, including Find Your Phone, WIFI Sync, File Sharing and tab syncing.

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