Google to invest $450 million in ADT, a leading provider of security and smart home solutions

August 3, 2020

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ADT, a leading provider of security and smart home solutions, today announced that Google is investing $450 million to acquire 6.6% ownership. Google and ADT also announced partnership that will combine Google’s Nest hardware and services, with ADT’s installation, service and professional monitoring network to create next generation smart home and integrated experience for customers across the United States. Both the companies will also commit $150 million for co-marketing, product development, technology and employee training.

Partnership details:

  • The partnership pairs ADT’s more than 20,000 professionals together with Google’s suite of helpful home hardware, manufacturing technology and vertical technology stack.
  • ADT + Google will offer customers an advanced, integrated helpful home security solution. The partnership is underpinned by a long-term commitment from both companies to making safe, secure, private and differentiated products accessible to new and existing customers.
  • The simplified yet innovative ADT + Google security solution will sit at the center of the new, helpful home, and advances in machine learning will transform the smart home security customer experience.
  • ADT expects to offer certain Google devices to its customers beginning this year and to expand the integration in 2021. The complete ADT + Google helpful home security solution will utilize a secure platform for a seamless experience that prioritizes privacy and interoperability for greater customer peace of mind and choice.

Source: ADT

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