GOG Galaxy 2.0, the desktop launcher from CD Projekt’s GOG that allows you to store all your games in one place, is officially now in open beta mode for all to enjoy.

The way the launcher works is that it can launch any installed game from services such as Steam, Windows Store, Battle.net, uPlay, Epic Games Launcher, Origin, and many more. It even supports Steam and Xbox Live achievements.

While the launcher was previously available on an invite-only basis, everyone can now access GOG Galaxy 2.0 at their own leisure. Just remember that it’s still in beta mode and there’ll be room for improvement.

Essentially, GOG Galaxy 2.0 acts a sort of platform for those who like to keep their game collection in one convenient place and not randomly scattered across their hard drives.

It also has handy features like keeping track of your game stats, full customisation of your game library, and the ability to check in on your friends and what they’re up to across all your platforms. More features are being added constantly, with cross-platform chat and a “games discovery” section coming soon.

For more information on GOG Galaxy 2.0, including how to get in on the open beta yourself, check out the official website by following the link here. Happy gaming!