Gears Tactics Xbox One version is now available to preload


3, 2020

Despite being a series that’s synonymous with the Xbox brand, there was no Gears Tactics Xbox One version when the game launched this April.

That’s all set to change sometime soon as the Gears Tactics Xbox One port is now available to preload on Xbox consoles for those who own the video game subscription service Xbox Game Pass.

The current download available for the Gears Tactics Xbox One port isn’t the full game; preloading the game currently only gives you a small license download that comes in at 103.2 megabytes.

Launching the game will give you the following message: “You’re too early to play on this device. Gears Tactics will launch on Xbox later this year.” Thanks, Reddit!

You can pre-load Gears Tactics on Xbox from xboxone

When we played Gears Tactics on PC earlier this year, we thought it was a fantastic tactical game that brought the AAA cinematic luster to the XCOM-like genre.

“Gears Tactics is a fantastic conversion of Xbox’s iconic franchise into a more thoughtful gameplay setting. It’s a spin-off that takes everything Gears is known for and masterfully retools it for an engrossing strategy game that we’ll likely be playing for years to come,” reads our review.

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