Gears Pop! is being shut down in April


30, 2020

The bizarre mobile game mashup of Gears of War and Funko Pops in Gears Pop! is being destroyed next year. 

Developed by Fall Guys developer Mediatonic, the real-time strategy game inspired by Clash Royale will not be around for too much longer.

For fans of the game, you’ll have until April 26th, 2021 to say goodbye to your virtualized sentient vinyl figures of Marcus Fenix and friends.

Gears Pop! was revealed way back in E3 2018 alongside two brilliant Gears games: Gears Tactics and Gears 5.

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“There are a number of things that go into maintaining a game beyond keeping servers active,” Microsoft announced on the game’s website. “Addressing issues, developing content, and providing support are critical in keeping a game running. Unfortunately, this is no longer feasible.

“Thank you for your understanding and support.”

The few players who are still tapping away at the mobile spin-off will not be able to purchase any microtransactions and any purchases made in the last 90 days will be refunded.

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