Game Review: Rain Will Fall

Rain Will Fall is a 2-D shooter with a full story line.

Overall Score: 2/5

If Rain Will Fall wasn’t so buggy, and if the gameplay was more enjoyable, this title would be awesome! However, there are a number of things holding it back.

Getting past the very first level in story mode is quite impossible. The game tells you that you have to kill 40 enemies to advance to the next level, but a “kill” only counts when you’re in the combo mode for some reason. If you make it past that, then you have to snipe enemies and get at least two headshots. Unfortunately, the headshot hit detection seems quite off. When you feel like you actually got a headshot, you don’t receive a point for it, but when you’re randomly shooting, you’ll randomly end up getting a headshot. When I finally beat the first level, I was part way through the second, and then I left the game. When I relaunched Rain Will Fall, I was back at the beginning level instead of level two, forced to replay everything again. The game does have positives, like decent variation through the bosses and different gameplay modes, but the negatives strongly outweigh everything else.

Presentation: 2/5

The first thing that you’ll notice is that the loading speeds are painfully slow. The second thing you notice is that you can’t skip through certain dialogues, which makes replaying sections extremely annoying since you have to wait for 5 seconds before you can start, even though you’ve already read the same message 10 times. And finally, you’ll also notice plenty of typos in the game. There are a number of positives, like the fact that Rain Will Fall actually has a story, that it is Mango multitasking enabled, and that the music is good, but those do not make up for the many negatives.

Lasting Value: 2/5

Had I actually been able to beat the story mode, lasting value would probably be higher. However, you’ll find yourself replaying the same levels over and over again often because of glitches in the game randomly saying you lost when you in fact won. Also, the slow loading speeds discourage you from playing Rain Will Fall again. The game does have multiplayer, but unfortunately people often aren’t playing. Maybe when Windows Phone gains marketshare more people will be online!qrcode


Title: Rain Will Fall
Price: FREE or $0.99
Publisher: L0RD-0DIN

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