Game review: Guns 4 Hire




When Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 they said Windows Phone will be a true gaming platform. Till now it did not seem like any publisher was taking of WP8s new possibilities as there are no games which had those amazing graphics and physics Microsoft promised, but I have managed to find one which is really amazing.

I have been playing it now for around two weeks and I am really delightfully surprised, and can truthfully say I ahve I never played such a great game on any smartphone!


Overall score: 5/5

The graphics are wonderful, the sound is great, the gameplay is easy, the game is great fun and it lasts very long! So far I could not find a better game in the Windows Phone Store. The game is just amazing and 5/5 points are fully justifiable.

Presentation: 5/5

As I said earlier, the graphics are wonderful. I tested the game on both a Lumia 820 and a 920 and on both the game shines. Of course it looks way better on the HD screen of the Lumia 920, but even on the 480×800 screen it looks great.

Also the sound is great! Explosions and shots sound realistic.

Gameplay: 5/5

In the game you tell your soldiers where to go by tapping on the ground. Normally the soldiers fire themselves, but if you want to aim at single enemies (or cars or buildings which sometimes also need to be destroyed) you just need to tap them. If you want a single soldier to move without the others you make a little swipe over him.

On the right there are several other guns like grenades, land mines or a minigun. To use one of them you select one and place it where you want it to be.

All in all I would say the game play is easy but not dumbed down, which of course is good.

Lasting Value: 5/5

Every level has 4 different difficulties which all need to be completed. To unlock a new level you need to upgrade your soldiers (for example their primary or secondary guns). There are three stations with five or six missions. At the third and fourth difficulty level it can get really tough and you will sometimes several tries to finish a level which extends the lasting value of the game.

Also the levels are very different from each other. Sometimes you need to protect hostages, sometimes you need to destroy your enemies hiding place or sometimes you just need to kill themselves.

All in all Guns 4 Hire is – for me – a perfect game. It’s great fun, the graphics are beautiful and you will have fun with this game for really long. But the best is: The game is free! You can find it here.

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