Game Review: 3D Brick Breaker Revolution

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3D Brick Breaker Revolution is a typical brick breaker game that tries to have awesome visuals and addicting gameplay but ultimately fails and cannot be recommended (Video Review).

Overall Score: 3/53D Brick Breaker Revolution

While the lasting value of the game is incredible, the frustration you’ll experience throughout the game will most likely turn you off from buying the title.

Gameplay: 2/5

The controls…. they are terrible! There are two types of controls, your touch or the accelerometer. By using your finger to control the paddle, everything works well except that you can’t fire your power-ups, which are an essential part of the game. In order to fire them, you have to let go of controlling the paddle for a second and then touch the power-up. We have multi-touch screens, lets use them please! And if you use the accelerometer controls, the speed of moving your paddle is greatly diminished to a point where the game becomes incredibly tougher to play. Why should the touch controls have such a magical speed boost over the accelerometer controls? They shouldn’t. But by using the accelerometer, you can at least fire power-ups without forfeiting control of the paddle. Also, the low frame rate of the visuals impacts the gameplay and makes it tougher to play. Gameplay scores a 2/5 because while there are some really great power-ups and variations of levels, the controls and visuals limit your enjoyment of that gameplay.

Presentation: 2/5

The visuals are terrible. The frame rate is slow, the levels are pixelated, and the visual effects sometimes overwhelm the game to a point where you can’t even see your ball anymore. The only reason presentation scores a 2/5 is because of the sounds, which are fantastic.

Lasting Value: 5/5

This is the one category that 3D Brick Breaker Revolution excels in. In the Classic Mode, you will get about two and a half hours of gameplay as you work your way though the 99 levels. The game is well paced thanks to the power-ups that often help you – but can also hurt you – in destroying some pesky blocks. Then, there is the Revolution Mode, which can go on and on for a long time. And once you unlock three achievements, you unlock the Time Attack mode, which can once again last for hours. It is so disappointing that the developers couldn’t have fixed those minor control and visual issues, because this game truly had potential to be good.

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Title: 3D Brick Breaker Revolution
Price: $2.99
Publisher: DChoc

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