First details of Galaxy Z Flip 2 leaked online

by Rahul
September 17, 2020

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Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung’s first-ever clamshell foldable smartphone and as is the case with most of the first-generation products, the clamshell foldable phone attracted a lot of criticism. Things, however, are expected to improve from here as Samsung is working on a second-generation Galaxy Z Flip, which could simply be called Z Flip 2, with improved specs.

According to Vietnamese leaker, Chun (@chunvn8888), the Galaxy Z Flip 2 will feature a bigger outer display than the first generation Z Flip, which has a tiny 1.1-inch outer display. Though, the leaker didn’t give us the exact size, leaving us in the dark about whether or not the size of the outer display of the Z Flip 2 will resemble that of the Motorola RAZR. Samsung is also said to be using a new Ultra Thin Glass(UTG) display, but we don’t know the details about it just yet.

The hinge mechanism in a foldable phone is of paramount importance to any phone maker. While the hinge in the Z Flip works just fine, Samsung wants to better the experience by bringing some improvement to it. The Galaxy Z Flip 2 might also join the high-refresh-rate bandwagon by adding a 120Hz display, and with it comes the need to introduce a bigger battery, which, according to the leaker, is exactly what Samsung will do. The Z Flip packs a 3300mAh battery.

The leaker, however, failed to verify whether the screen size, chipset, camera, and design will be upgraded.

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