Free Play Days bring you Embr, Goat Simulator, and Tour de France 2022

October 14, 2022

Spice up your weekend with the games you can play on this week’s Free Play Days until Sunday, October 16, at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Three games of different genres – Embr, Goat Simulator, and Tour de France 2022 – will be playable by Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. And if you are still not a part of the community, it is probably the right day to join.


Embr game poster

Standard Edition $19.99 (Free Play Days)

Enjoy firefighting with your friends in this multiplayer game, where you have to save lives, salvage goods, and even earn money! But be careful: entering those burning buildings isn’t your only challenge. The place will also be filled with traps and dangerous hazards. But if you are pro enough to survive each stage, you can expect high-tech tools and fresh outfits you can buy for your upgrade. So, invite up to four friends this weekend and enjoy the game’s dynamic difficulty that adapts to the size of your team.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator game poster

Standard Edition $9.99 (Free Play Days)

What are goats good at? Wrecking things. But your job in this sim game is not about controlling them to prevent destruction: you’ll be the goat itself. You can score points by breaking things in Goat Simulator, and if you are a true master of chaos, you can get bigger rewards for delivering creative techniques!

Tour de France 2022

Tour de France 2022 game screenshot

Xbox One Edition $39.99 (Free Play Days)

Xbox Series X|S Edition $49.99 (Free Play Days)

Enjoy the challenges you’ll face in Tour de France 2022, whether in its new online mode with weekly challenges and leaderboard or its Solo mode, where you’ll be constantly injured during the 92 stages of the game as you aspire to become the best cyclist in the world. Aside from those things, the game offers new features, including a new preparation system and interface on cobbled sections, more intense races with a more aggressive peloton and more collaborative breakaways, 21 official stages of the Tour de France 2022, three new teams, and more.

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