Report: Apple may bundle free Airpods with the iPhone 12


29, 2019

Airpods are expected to be one of the most popular gifts this holiday season, with Apple reportedly having to double production, but if a new rumour is true every iPhone 12 buyer next year will be getting one for free.

Digitimes reports that Apple may bundle free Airpods with the iPhone 12 next year, in a similar way to how Samsung bundled their Galaxy Buds with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

While the robust performance of the iPhone 11 this year suggests Apple does not need any help, it is likely the 5G iPhone 12 will break new ground when it comes to pricing, making the addition of a cheap (to Apple) value-add likely very helpful in getting buyers to part with their cash.  There is in addition also the background of the last 3 years of falling iPhone sales which suggest next year may not be as fruitful for Apple as 2019, again making a sweetener for buyers important.

BGR notes however that Digitimes does not exactly have the best reputation when it comes to Apple’s future products, but given that Apple killed the headphone jack it is probably about time that Apple moves away from their proprietary wired headphones to a truly wireless solution for buyers right in the box.

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