Have you ever wanted to see Pennywise do the default dance? Well, we might soon have to as Epic Games is currently teasing a Fortnite x IT Chapter Two crossover event.

Discovered by avid Fortniters (official term?), the killer clown’s signature red balloons have been found across the game’s map. Just like in the film, these bright red balloons are found coming out of drains. Just… keep your arms away. You don’t want to end up like Georgie.

Those who interact with the balloons are “treated”to a blood-curdling laugh. According to Reddit user Keepitastack, the laugh will make you nearly soil yourself. Lovely!

Fans are currently hoping that the upcoming crossover event will give fans access to a Pennywise skin alongside his amazing dance as an emote. I’m also hoping for both of them; I would easily pick up Fortnite to get those bonuses.

With IT Chapter Two releasing this weekend, we should find out whether the Fortnite x IT Chapter Two event will happen sometime soon. Let’s be fair, it’s definitely happening.