Former MS exec joins JPMorgan Payments to elevate its blockchain tech, digital ecosystem

September 12, 2022

JPMorgan continues to venture into the digital realm and has found a new valuable addition to its team for that task in Tahreem Kampton, a former Microsoft executive. (via CoinDesk)

According to JPMorgan, Kampton will be its new senior payments executive for the bank’s payments group. Kampton’s primary job will focus on blockchain technology and the digital ecosystem, which he has expertise in, given his last position exposed him to new payment methods or crypto-related tasks, as his LinkedIn bio shows.

He is expected to further help JPMorgan explore the crypto industry and blockchain technology and share his knowledge in driving innovation with JPMorgan. “We see a new landscape where information, assets and value flow seamlessly between physical, digital and virtual worlds – across borders, in outer space, and even in the metaverse,” Kampton said.

“Tahreem Kampton has joined J.P. Morgan Payments as a senior payments executive with a focus on driving thought leadership to help the payments industry and therefore clients, to evolve, thrive and grow,” JPMorgan told CoinDesk. “Specifically, he will lead co-innovation with key partners in payments, blockchain and the digital ecosystem where JPMorgan has already built a strong foundation.”

Kampton left the tech giant company after spending 25 years of service. While still at Microsoft, he handled different positions, including head of FX, cash management, and treasury integrations from 2012 to 2017 and assistant treasurer and chief investment officer from 2017 to 2020. In 2021, Kampton became Microsoft’s corporate treasurer and chief investment officer and handled the responsibility until April of this year.

Kampton has a lot to offer to the company, which has always exerted a huge effort to grow its cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Aside from the new position in JPMorgan, Kampton is also an advisor at FinLync, which uses ERP native apps and API connectivity for its corporate treasury and finance services.

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