Fitbit Charge 6 announced: Top 5 new features worth upgrading for

September 28, 2023

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The hotly-anticipated Fitbit Charge 6 is finally here, and Google has proudly called it their “most advanced tracker yet.”

But why is that? Well, coming up hot in obsidian, porcelain, and coral color options at $159.95, the Fitbit Charge 6 boasts a lot of new interesting changes and features.

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What are those, you may ask? Here are the top 5 things that may want to make you upgrade to Fitbit Charge 6. Check out all the cool things!

Fitbit Charge 6’s top 5 new features worth upgrading

More accurate heart rate tracking

The Charge 6 features the most accurate heart rate tracking on a Fitbit tracker yet, thanks to an improved machine learning algorithm.

This means you can get more precise readings for everything from calories and Active Zone Minutes to your Daily Readiness Score and Sleep Score.

Ability to connect to compatible gym equipment and fitness apps via Bluetooth

The Charge 6 can now connect to compatible exercise apps and machines so you can see your real-time heart rate during workouts.

20 new workout modes

The Charge 6 has over 40 exercise modes to choose from, including 20 new options like HIIT, strength training, and snowboarding. This gives you more ways to track your workouts and get the most out of your fitness routine.

YouTube Music controls

You can now control YouTube Music right from your Charge 6. This means you can start, stop, and skip songs without having to reach for your phone. It’s a great way to listen to your favorite music while you’re working out or on the go.

Google Maps and Google Wallet

The Charge 6 is the first Fitbit tracker to feature Google Maps and Google Wallet. This makes it convenient to go from workouts to errands and everywhere in between.

You can use Google Maps to get turn-by-turn directions right on your wrist or use Google Wallet to make contactless payments anywhere.

In addition to these top five features, the Charge 6 also includes a number of other improvements, such as longer battery life, a new haptic side button, and Zoom + Magnification accessibility feature.

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