Features of AMD’s upcoming Radeon VEGA leaks just ahead of CES 2017 announcement

AMD is expected to officially introduce its upcoming Radeon VEGA a graphics architecture at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company recently launched a teaser website for Radeon VEGA with a countdown to the official preview launch. Apparently, the website’s code included a couple of features of the VEGA which were hidden from the frontend. The website’s source even included a link to a wordcloud of the features, revealing some of the most important details about the architecture.

The wordcloud below compares the VEGA architecture with AMD’s Radeon Polaris architecture and the improvement is quite amazing. According to the image, VEGA is 4 times more power efficient than Polaris, it also sports a next-gen computer engine and pixel engine, along with 2x bandwidth per pin and 2x peak throughput per clock when compared to Polaris:

These improvements of the VEGA over the Polaris do sound pretty amazing, but it will be interesting to see the change in performance in real-life. AMD will reveal more details about the VEGA this Thursday at CES, and we’ll make sure to let you know when more details are available!