Export Bing chat to Word on Microsoft Edge just gets easier

August 9, 2023

Want to export Bing chat to Word? We’ve got some good news for you.

As spotted by Edge insider @Leopeva64, there have been quite a few improvements here and there in the exporting mechanism of Bing AI chat. If you remember back in May, Microsoft rolled out the general exporting feature on Bing AI chat to Edge Canary insiders and you can export the chat to Word, PDF, and rich text formats.

Well now, a new “Share” button has been added to Bing AI chat. The button appears when you hover over the chat balloons and is located next to the like, dislike, copy, and export buttons. The share button is not yet available to all insiders, but it is expected to be rolled out to more users in the coming weeks. 

In addition to the existing exporting formats, a new option to export it to Word online has also been spotted. This means that you can now export your chat history to a Word document that can be edited and viewed in a web browser.

The new features are still in the testing phase and are being rolled out gradually to a small group of users. This means that you may not have seen them yet, but they should be available to everyone soon. Upon our testing, exporting Bing chat to Word and other formats still doesn’t work properly yet.

Besides, this isn’t the only thing Microsoft has been cooking up for Bing AI chat. The chatbot’s first few plugins just arrived in Edge’s right-side pane, and you can also start using the chat on other browsers like Chrome. 

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