Everwild creative director Simon Woodroffe has resigned from Rare

October 30, 2020
Everwild Concept Art

The next-gen Xbox exclusive game Everwild has lost its creative director. 

Creative Director Simon Woodroffe has reportedly resigned from the project and development studio Rare with no reason given for his departure.

Woodroffe has been with the development studio since 2012. Starting as creative director for Rare’s popular pirate multiplayer title Sea of Thieves, Woodroffe shifted over to Everwild once the future of the multiplayer game was solidified.

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In a statement to VGC, Rare studio head Craig Duncan said: “We thank Simon for all his hard work on Everwild and wish him the very best of luck for the future. The Everwild team are in good hands and passionate about building a game that will give players unforgettable experiences in a natural and magical world.”

The upcoming Xbox and PC game is now being spearheaded by executive producer Louise O’Connor.

Woodroffe’s departure isn’t the only big name to leave a major Xbox release this month. Halo Infinite creative director Chris Lee recently left the in-development project and 343 Industries after 12 years of employment.

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