ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) Virtual Machine Now Available For Microsoft Azure


25, 2016

ESET Azure

ESET, a leader in IT security, today announced the availability of ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) Virtual Machine for Microsoft Azure which will allow IT administrators to drill-down into endpoint security environments at any time, allowing for ongoing security management and quick problem remediation.

Every second is critical amidst a cybersecurity incident such as a data breach, making the ability to remediate risks quickly and easily paramount to a business’s success. The availability of ERA Virtual Machine for Azure expands the options for businesses who want to manage their ESET security solutions from the cloud, regardless if the devices they manage are also in the cloud or on-premises. Physical and virtual desktops and servers can be managed easily, regardless of if it’s a Windows, Mac or Linux OS, or an Android or iOS mobile device.

By providing the pre-configured virtual machine with ERA Virtual Machine for Azure, ERA is now available for virtually anyone with internet access.

“In today’s security landscape, it’s extremely important that businesses have robust security solutions that are easy to access and manage,” said Tim Rains, director, security, Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft Azure provides the benefits of cloud scale, agility and reliability for businesses who want to manage their ESET security solutions from the cloud with ERA Virtual Machine.

For more information on ESET, visit here.

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