Epic replaces Fortnite police cars with civilian vehicles to protest police brutality



Epic Games has completely removed police vehicles from their extremely popular Battle Royale game Fortnite in the wake of police brutality protests across the world. 

Reported by gaming publication Kotaku, the change was introduced to the game with the release of the new Fortnite season of content.

The change was immediately noticed on the game’s official subreddit. Players who frequently visited the game’s Junk Rifts section of the map, which usually spawned police cars, noticed that civilian cars were spawned in their place.

Those who use the game’s Creative Mode also noticed that police vehicles were now completely removed from the game.

A report by The Wall Street Journal (via Eurogamer) states that the reason behind the removal of police vehicles in Fortnite Battle Royale is a direct response to the murder of George Floyd by police in America and, subsequently, a response to police brutality worldwide.

While it may seem like a small gesture, Epic Games‘ Fortnite will soon be adding the ability to drive pedestrian vehicles around the game’s map, allowing players to run down each other behind the wheel. With the current world events taking place, it makes sense that Epic wouldn’t want videos of virtual police brutality within their game to start making the rounds online.

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