Elon Musk sides with Epic in battle with Apple

by Surur
July 30, 2021

There is likely a big cross-over between Tesla and Apple fans with both companies making sector-leading products with lots of highly engaged fans but also lots of critics.

Those fans may find themselves increasingly conflicted however, as Elon Musk has taken an increasingly anti-Apple stance.

Two days ago Elon Musk made his first anti-Apple statement, accusing the company of creating an anti-competitive moat around its products and services.

Today Musk continued the attack, siding with Epic and accusing Apple of placing a de-facto tax on the internet.

At the heart of the accusation is the fact that consumers prefer to make their purchases via apps rather than websites, and when they use apps on Apple’s platform consumers have to pay a 30% ‘Apple tax’. Apple prohibits companies from offering alternate payment methods in apps, or directing consumers to their website.  Apple of course argues they built their store and companies have to follow their rules when they use it.

Elon may have several reasons to set himself up against Apple. One is that as Telsa moves into selling subscription services from their app Apple may be looking to take a cut. The other is that Apple is set to release their own EV in a few years, with Apple likely the only brand which could challenge Tesla for loyalty.

Do our readers think Apple or Tesla is right? Let us know below.

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