The Edge Surf game has a secret Ninjacat, here’s how to unlock it

by Surur
March 1, 2020

We reported yesterday that Microsoft has added a nice easter egg to their new Edge browser – a full game which becomes available when your PC is offline, similar to the Chrome T-Rex dinosaur game.

Now Techdows has discovered there is an easter egg inside the easter egg – a Ninjacat player which can be unlocked by a secret sequence of button presses.

How to unlock Ninjacat in the Edge Surf game

It will come as no surprise that that sequence to unlock Ninjacat is the famous Konami Code, as listed below:

up up down down left right left right b a

The sequence needs to be pressed as soon the game opens up.

The Edge Surf is a whole lot better than Google’s Chrome Dinosaur game, which will hopefully win Microsoft some converts. It offers time trial, support for other input methods like touch and gamepads, accessibility improvements, high scores, and remastered visuals, and now even Ninjacat.

If you do not want to wait till you are offline, you can play the Edge Surf game now by typing Edge://surf into your address bar in the Dev or Canary version of the new Edge browser. Those can be downloaded at Microsoft here.

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