Edge Stable now available for Linux


30, 2021

Many months after releasing the first Canary versions of the Edge browser for Linux, a Stable version of the browser finally appears to be available.

The first Canary builds were released in October 2020 and today Naked Security spotted two stable builds of the Edge browser on the Yum repository released on the 28th and 29th October.

The release has not shown up on Microsoft’s official download pages yet.

Microsoft has not officially announced the Stable version in a blog post, but the release may explain this teaser tweet by Kyle Pflug, a member of the Developer Experience team for Edge.

That of course shows the Edge browser for Linux running on WSL on Windows 11.

The news is important in that many companies only allow stable versions to be deployed, though we suspect companies that have standardized on Linux are likely somewhat less stringent about such things.

via Neowin.

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