No more waiting. Edge for Business finally arrived on Stable channel in v. 116

August 22, 2023

The wait is finally over. Just like what they did with Edge for Gamers mode, Microsoft has finally launched Edge for Business, the browser’s enterprise-focused version, to the Stable channel in the latest release (version 116, dated August 21, 2023). 

After rigorous testing in the release preview channel, Microsoft announces in the version’s official release note that if you sign into Edge using Azure Active Directory (now rebranded as Microsoft Entra ID), you will be automatically transitioned to Edge for Business. The new Edge for Business icon will have a briefcase to designate that you are in the work browser window.

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But what’s so special about it, you may ask? Well, Edge for Business has features that aren’t available on the regular version of Edge. These features include enterprise-grade security, productivity, manageability, AI built-in, and a few visual cues here and there.

Plus, if you’re someone who seeks to maintain a clear distinction between your personal and professional spheres, Edge for Business can do exactly just that by automatically transitioning between your personal (MSA profile) and work (Entra ID) aspects.

This isn’t a new browser, though. Microsoft says that Edge for Business does maintain passwords, favorites, and other data associated with your work profile, but it won’t be stored in your personal profile. For IT, this mode can also help to reduce the surface area for cyberattacks by providing a single browser for all use cases. 

Edge for Business is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac through version 116.

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