Early look at the upcoming Microsoft Authenticator UWP app for Windows 10


Earlier this year, we reported about the upcoming Authenticator app for Windows 10. Microsoft has been working on improving the app internally, and it’s finally pretty close from the public release. Today, we got our hands-on the new Microsoft Authenticator for Windows 10. Currently, you can get security codes for your Microsoft Account from the app — for example, when you try to login from a different device, Microsoft may ask you to verify the login and it will send a verification request to your phone which will allow you to login. Of course, the new Authenticator app also has a new UI which looks simply beautiful. Here are some screenshots:

It is worth noting that Authenticator will get features like the ability to unlock your Windows 10 PC from your Phone via Bluetooth, too. However, we were not able to try that feature out just yet. Nevertheless, the upcoming Authenticator app is looking pretty sweet, and we will make sure to let you know when it is available to the public.

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