Doom Eternal Stadia version is only 1080p; 1440p on enhanced consoles

March 11, 2020
doom eternal

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The Doom Eternal Stadia port is not a true 4K experience, despite Google’s claims that the game would be. 

Instead, the Doom Eternal Stadia version will be running at a native resolution of 1080p. While the game will still run at a performance target of 60 frames-per-second – which is the performance target for all versions —it’s still a disappointment.

Google’s announcement of the streaming service Google Stadia was marketed on the belief that modern AAA games would run at a full-fat 2160p. In fact, Google Stadia used Doom Eternal in 4K as a showcase for what players could expect on launch.

Stadia GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement

The performance targets for all systems are as follows:

Xbox One: 1060p @ 60fps.

Xbox One X: 1440 @ 60fps

PlayStation 4: 1060p @ 60fps.

PlayStation 4 Pro: 1440 @ 60fps

Google’s backtreading on the promise of true 4K 60fps gaming is not a new move for Stadia. High-profile ports such as Red Dead Redemption 2 does not run at a higher resolution than Microsoft’s Xbox One X; the game runs at a lower framerate than consoles as well.

As Reddit users on the official Stadia subreddit caught wind of the game’s performance profile, disappointment quickly set in.

“Gotta be the biggest disappointment from Stadia,” said Reddit user Basketballrene. “Advertising 4k 60 then not delivering. This game has been developed for stadia for a while and still nothing. So much for Stadia being soooooo strong.”

Doom Eternal Gameplay Running On Google Stadia

“Majorly disappointing,” said Reddit user rkelez. “This was supposed to be the showpiece but all it shows is stadia is barely on par with old gen consoles. Stadia is going to look like a joke come PS5/XBSX and I doubt The Goog is planning any upgrades any time soon.”

Amid the news, it would appear customers are starting to lose faith in Google Stadia.

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