Microsoft and Dolby are set to bring improved audio customization to the Xbox One via a new Dolby Access app already in testing by Windows 10 Insiders.

The feature was announced by Microsoft Audio Lead Steven Wilssens at the GDC and will bring a number of customization options including Dolby Atmos presets for Movie, Music and Voice and a 10 frequency graphics equalizer.

Users will also be able to turn on or off Surround Virtualiser and Volume leveler features.

Output will be confined to headphones and the recently launched Windows PC laptop speaker implementation (available on compatible OEM laptops such as the Lenovo Yoga C930 or Matebook X Pro) so not, for example, your HDMI surround sound system. Hopefully, supported setups will be expanded in the future.

Wilssens said at GDC that Microsoft is perfecting the app on the desktop, and will then bring it to the console in 2019.