Disqus, the web’s community of communities is going to release a major update for its Windows Phone app. The company today released Disqus 3.0, and it’s is currently in beta. With the latest update, the app gets a handful of new features and improvements.

First off, is the new user interface. The company has redesigned the whole user interface of the app, giving it a cleaner a look. As you may expect, there are different themes for the app as well, you can use the dark theme or the light theme of the app. There’s also a feature which lets you set the theme to change automatically, which is indeed a nice touch.


With the latest update, Disqus users can create discussions on channels directly from the app. The company states there are hundreds of active channels on Disqus, and it’s growing everyday. For those wondering, Disqus channels are pretty much like forums, where users can post anything they like. Another major addition with the latest update is the ability to explore all the Disqus channels. Previously, the app allowed users to view a few channels – however, with the latest update, users can access all the Disqus channels.

Disqus 3.0 comes with a handful of other features, here’s the full list of new things:

  • You can now create discussions on channels within the app, including adding topics
  • You can explore all the channels now, rather than a small subset like in the current app
  • You can now upload images to both comments and discussions
  • Moderation for user-created threads (if you are a moderator)
  • A refined design across the app
  • New notification types like when users create a discussion on a channel you moderate, new comments on discussions you start, and more
  • New feed filters, for example if you just want to see comments from people you follow or discussions from communities you follow
  • New “communities” tab to show you channels and sites you follow so you can access them quickly

Windows 10 app coming soon


I’m pretty sure a lot of readers are wondering if the company is working on a Windows 10 app. Yep, Disqus is working on a Windows 10 app which will be available soon. The app’s developer, Ryan Valentin tells me that the company is working on adding all the new feature and they’re taking their time to get everything right — which makes a lot of sense.

It’s worth noting that the company will continue to support the Windows Phone 8.1 app – however, we expect the company to focus more on the Windows 10 app in the near-future.

Losing Windows Phone exclusivity

Disqus confirmed that the company is working on an iPhone app, meaning that the app will lose Windows Phone exclusivity. However, this shouldn’t affect that Windows app’s support as the company will be actively supporting its Windows Phone, and the upcoming Windows 10 app.

The Disqus 3.0 app is currently in beta, but don’t be surprised if you hit any bugs. You can download Disqus 3.0 for Windows Phone from here or using the box below:

Disqus Beta
Disqus Beta
Developer: Disqus
Price: Free

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